3-D Grateful Dead Skeleton & Roses Mini Tapestry 30" x45" with FREE 3-D Glasses

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3-D GRATEFUL DEAD BERTHA SKELETON AND ROSES MINI TAPESTRY/WALL HANGING with FREE 3-D GLASSES ~ 3-D Grateful Dead Bertha Skeleton and Roses Mini Tapestry with FREE 3-D Glasses. The Grateful Dead are one of the most powerful bands of all time. They meant so much, to so many people, in so many ways. Millions of fans would put their lives on hold and tour with them for weeks (some years), and an enduring “Deadhead” culture was born. The still-thriving Deadhead community is alive and well today.  Officially licensed product of Grateful Dead Productions by Sunshine Joy. Measures approximately 30 x 45 inches. 100% cotton fabric. These tapestries make great wall hangings and can also be used as tablecloths, beach sheets, room dividers, curtains, window treatments, ceiling decor and furniture covers. The corner loops make these tapestries the perfect multipurpose outdoor traveling companion. Secure your picnic sheet . At outdoor concerts or festivals, stake out an appropriate amount of space for your friends. Tie up a sunscreen at the campsite. Great at the beach as a windproof beach sheet or sun cover-up. Takes on a whole other dimension when viewed with special 3-D glasses provided free with your purchase from Full Moon Loom for a limited time only.


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