Yin Yang Dragon Cushion Pillow Cover Black/Purple 18 x 18

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CUSHION COVER ~ This gorgeous Yin Yang Dragon cushion cover is made of heavy durable 100% cotton and measures 18 X 18 inches with an enclosed nylon zipper. Colors are black and mottled purple. It can be machine washed separately on cool gentle and tumble dried. The design is on both sides! The Yin Yang symbol goes back to the days of Confucianism. It symbolizes the good and the bad in all things. It is said that Yin will become Yang and Yang will become Yin, therefore one cannot exist without the other. The Chinese dragon represents "yang", the masculine, solar force. He is the symbol of good fortune that can bring all manner of blessings and luck. What a great combination! Many of our cushion covers have matching tapestries for a great ensemble. You will love the unique quality it will add to your home decor!

It will delight and enchant you~:-)