Full Moon Loom can help pet lovers!

Do your pets take over the furniture when your not looking? For most of us our pets are part of the family. We cannot bring ourselves to deny them their creature comforts, especially when it comes to lounging on the sofa all day waiting impatiently for you to get home from work. They always seem to time it just right so you never catch them snoozing on your favorite lounge chair, sofa or bed. However, the tell tale signs cannot be missed when the dog or cat hair cover your clothes and tickle your nose as soon as you kick back to relax after a long hard day. Well we have an answer for you that can solve your problem and it does not involve flipping your furniture upside down before you leave in the morning. Nope! All you need do is purchase a nice Indian tapestry or spread to throw over Fido's favorite lounge spot before heading off to work. Not only will an Indian tapestry or spread look great but it is also easy wash and wear care and will keep your furniture fuzz free for you when it's your turn to lounge.

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