The Art of Batik

The Art of Batik

A Centuries Old Traditional Art Form

The art of Batik, referred to by many as a craft, has been around for centuries, and has become increasingly popular in recent years. It has come to be known in the west as a wonderfully creative medium. The art of dying cloth utilizing wax and dye finds its humble beginnings centuries ago in Java, Indonesia. Batik itself is part of an ancient Indonesian tradition and some of the finest batik cloth in existence still comes from the Java region of Indonesia. The word batik is derived from the Javanese word tik which literally means to dot.

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An Intricate Process

Dying cloth in the batik style is relatively easy, but requires a great deal of patience as it can become somewhat tedious and involved. The process begins by “blocking out” areas of the cloth by brushing or drawing hot wax over them. The cloth is then dyed a specific color. The parts covered in the wax resist the dye and remain the original color. The process is then repeated, often several times, blocking out different areas and using a different color dye each time. After the final dying, the wax is removed from the fabric, and the result is oftentimes, simply breathtaking!

An Ever-changing Process

Batik has progressed exponentially since its humble beginnings many centuries ago. Modern Batik artists are known to use different, more elaborate methods of waxing; incorporating stencils, etching, and discharge dyeing into the process. They are also utilizing more advanced tools and oftentimes finer quality materials such as:

  • Silk
  • Cotton
  • Wool
  • Leather
  • Paper
  • Even wood and ceramics

A Very Expressive Medium

Batik has become one of the textile industry’s most expressive and subtle forms of the resist methods. And Full Moon Loom has a full line of Batik printed products available. The ever-expanding variety of techniques that are currently available affords the artists opportunities to explore this unique process in new, flexible, exciting ways. Modern day Batik artists continue to expand the art form without losing its simple roots.

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