Using Bohemian Textiles for Affordable Home Decorating

Using Bohemian Textiles for Affordable Home Decorating

Dating back some 600 years to fourteenth century Germany where they were initially developed in the court of Charles IV, Bohemian textiles have long added an inviting look and feel to living spaces. Originally, Bohemian textiles stood apart from other art forms of the day because they lacked any elongated patterns that seemed ever-present in other art forms. Artists were more apt to present the female form in the patterns of the original Bohemian textiles. The Court of Charles IV is known to have produced at least one altar piece. This piece somehow made its way from Rome to Prague where it is still on display to the general public today. 

Most initial Bohemian textile art was developed in Italy and eventually traveled north, well past the Alps where it held an influence over French artists of the day. Attached to the Papal Court of Avignon, there was an Italian artists’ village which was instrumental in the early development and production of Bohemian pieces. Many of the early works produced in the village found themselves displayed in the Papal residence throughout the 1330s and 40s. One of the early owners and supporters of these early Bohemian works was Simone Martini, who was a well-known Sienese precursor to the Bohemian style of textiles, including carpets, tapestries, and bedspreads.

The Bohemian style of textiles such as tapestries, rugs, and bedspreads gained huge popularity in 1960s America, being dubbed “the hippie style” by the younger people of that era. In our more modern culture, the Bohemian style is largely related to people who lead an unconventional, artistic lifestyle. People such as Virginia Woolf, the Bloomsbury Group, and the Stephen Sisters are largely related to the Bohemian, hippie style.

There are many uses for Bohemian textiles in creating your “relaxing space.”

You might try layering rugs by placing one directly on top of another or simply overlapping slightly. Pick a larger rug and cover part of it with a smaller, less expensive rug.

Overlapping pillows is another inexpensive but effective way to create a Bohemian style space. After all, what could be more comfortable than a huge pile of pillows to sink into with a good book.

Drape Bohemian printed fabrics over tables and chairs. Your furniture and its prints becomes less important when you drape it with tapestries or bedspreads. Simply cover anything that doesn’t quite match the way you want it to.

Vertical Displays are a great way to add color and feel to any wall. Hang a tapestry, or use a kantha quilt as draperies. Let your imagination go wild!

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