Full Moon Loom: Indian Cotton Tapestries

Full Moon Loom: Indian Cotton Tapestries

Does your dog or cat like to cuddle in your bed or curl up on your couch? Is snuggling with your furry friend a part of your routine?

Many pet owners are really attached to their animals. We want our cats and dogs and other pets to be comfortable, and if that means they take over the furniture from time to time, that's okay with us.

This partiality toward pets is sort of a problem, though, when it comes to dog or cat hair all over a bed, couch or sofa bed, and when you’re thinking about how to keep rooms looking presentable for company. You want to be able to show off a clean house, and not worry about cat or dog hair getting all over your visitors’ clothes.

The Value of Indian Cotton Spreads for Pet Lovers

One way to make your furniture stand up better to mixed use is to get a convenient cotton tapestry or sheet to throw over your piece of furniture when you're not around. Fido or Fluffy can feel free to lounge around and make your home their home until it's time for people to come and use the furniture. Essentially, having some affordable, attractive accessories helps you to get the most that you can out of your home.

Benefits of Indian Cotton Spreads

Many of these Indian cotton spreads are printed with very attractive visual patterns to help make a room look nice. They are also quite lightweight and usually machine washable. Unlike some other materials, cotton doesn't require specialized care.

Indian cotton tapestries or sheets are very versatile household furnishings that you can use to keep your furniture nice, as well as serving as hangings or ornamental art pieces for the room's overall decor. Present your rooms in a new way with colorful, eye-catching patterns that match your room’s color scheme and add a sense of culture to your home.

And, when it comes to pets, you can give your dogs and cats the gift of comfort with spreads that you can easily wash periodically and reapply to your furniture. It’s a win-win for both you and your beloved pets. Take a look at a wide range of patterns and designs available to create a new look for your living room, rec room or any other space in your home – and that’s not all! Use these handy spreads as window treatments, wall dividers, or in other useful ways. Get free shipping on items from Full Moon Loom and enjoy high quality furnishings that add style to your property.

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