Colorful Cotton Curtains from Full Moon Loom

Colorful Cotton Curtains from Full Moon Loom

Looking for attractive home furnishings that will make every room in your house brighter and more vibrant? Take a look at Full Moon Loom's great collection of tapestries, bedspreads, wall hangings, duvets and other accessories for your home.

One great idea is to use some of these fabric pieces for colorful cotton curtains that will show off windows, whether they are antique wood crafted frames and panes or modern, efficient weatherized window units.

There is an excellent selection to choose from at Full Moon Loom -- you'll see a bright and dazzling array of colors and patterns. All are 100% cotton and machine washable. You'll see evidence of the high-quality crafting of screen prints and batik methods that makers use to craft these attractive multipurpose cotton hangings.

It's easy to use these pieces for attractive curtains -- our curtain patterns are already outfitted with the tabs needed to run these colorful patterns on dowel rods or other window attachments. A smooth, durable weave enhances the beauty and strength of these washable and dry-able curtains. You'll be amazed at how much these simple changes can transform a room - and how easy it can be to manage upkeep. Watching the wind rustle through these bright patterns or relaxing in a bright, colorful room on a rainy autumn night is a real treat, and we are happy to make our customers' homes into more pleasant spaces.

Full Moon Loom curtains are also extremely versatile and easy to install. It's as easy as flipping the tabbed curtains onto the rods. On the other hand, you can also use these attractive curtains for more complex systems with a valance or "C-shaped" setup. In fact, sewing these patterns onto the exterior window accessories can be another way to spice up a drab room with our attractive cotton designs.

It's also easy to order size and number of colorful cotton curtains and other tapestries that you want. We accept a variety of credit cards and PayPal to make you purchase as easy as possible from our website.

For the discount minded, check out the clearance section where you can find great items, such unique Celtic Dragon tapestries, attractive tablecloths, or Mandela style round rugs, all at amazing values. Try Full Moon Loom for beautiful 100% cotton fabrics that stand the tests of time and make a space shine.

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