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Here are pics of how they are used at our workshops and in my office.
We are frequently asked where we get the beautiful table covers. We are glad to give them your website.


Visit the Shiatsu School of Vermont in Brattleboro. Decorated our school with tapestries from Full Moon Loom!


Got my Bag today- It’s wonderful!  So very happy with it.

This is my 2nd purchase from you, both times I have been 100% pleased.

Thank you so much!

S. R.

Iowa City, Ia


The lighter-colored design/turquoise curtains arrived and they’re beautiful. I knew they’d be too long but they’re beautiful and I’m funky anyway. You’re right about brightening vs darkening a room. Very happy and will mention your name to friends and if you’d like to include my comments on your website, please do.

Quality item and service!



I love my new tablecloths!  They are so beautiful and colorful.


I want to thank Fullmoon for such wonderful service and beautiful
products. This is the second Indian bedspread I've purchased from
Fullmoon and I am thrilled with its beauty and I was with the first
spread. But I'm amazed at how fast I received it! I love your website
and your descriptions of each item is true to the actual product.

Thank you for such wonderful service and for having the wonderful Indian
spreads that are just like the ones I had in the 60s when I was a
hippie! (I'm now 72 and still love the wonderful look and mood that
Indian fabrics conjur in my mind and memory!)

Happy holidays; I can't thank you enough.

One happy customer!

Eugene, Oregon


We received our order. Thank you so much! I don't know which tablecloth I like best, and the spread is beautiful. Everything is such high quality and so pretty. I'm very happy with my order. Your products are terrific, the website welcoming and user friendly. I'll be back for Christmas shopping!

Thank you again for your help.

All the best!



This is the second item I have purchased from you, and just wanted to
say thanks! Excellent quality, fast shipping, beautiful tablecloth. I
love it.  Kim


Dear Cynthia and Full Moon Loom--
The order arrived in California, gifts to my cousins KC and TS, and to KC's daughter, EH. Not that you need to know all the details, but since nothing makes me feel better than gorgeous textiles, I sent the gifts of Tree of Life spreads and scarves (featuring their favorite colors) for cheer. TS is going through her second round of chemo for breast cancer, and EH just gave birth to KC's first grandchild, and the baby is in the ICU because of complications from Down Syndrome. It's been that kind of year. KC texted a photo after they arrived and wrote: "These are outrageous. So beautiful. I can't wait to share them."
Thank you so much--finding your shop has been wonderful.
Lisa O'Hara (LO), New York City
Feel free to use this on your site if you like!


I came across your website when I was searching for an Indian Bed Cover.  Your selection is fantastic and your prices are very affordable.  I placed an order the other day and received it VERY quickly. 
I love my new bed cover.  I’m glad I found you.
Thanks very much!
R. G.
St. Paul, MN


Dear Full Moon Loom--
The shipment arrived, so well-packaged, and the linens are simply gorgeous--even better than the pictures, which were quite accurate. This was my first time ordering from you, and it won't be the last.
Thanks so much,
L. O.

I just wanted to let you know how much I LOVE my new tablecloth. It exceeded my expectations! Thank you so much. I will ordering again soon. 

S. F.


Thank you so much for the shipment of my order. I absolutely LOVE all of your products. I've ordered the same bedspread three times secondary to my cat using the bedspread as a scratching pole!! Hence, I invested in a scratching pole. I have referred a lot of my friends and colleagues to you. Keep creating beautiful work!! 

J. B. from CA



I just wanted to thank you for the beautiful scarves. Just as described. Will purchase from you in the future. My brother travels/lives in India and forgot to bring me back a scarf or two. I was so disappointed. When I found your website the other day, I was so hoping that these were the type of scarf that I wanted and bingo! they are. Thanks for the very fast shipping too. I will mention you to my friends. You have lovely, interesting items.

Best, S. N.


Thanks for your help - great customer service! I still remember opening the package and the richness of the colors and fabrics upon first glance.



Dear Cynthia,

I have bought from you over 800 of your beautiful tapestries in the last 4 years and there hasn't been a time that I have ever regretted buying any single one. I still own all of them with the exception of a few that I have given as a gift to others that loved them as much as I did. I use them to compliment my catering business and I strongly believe that part of my success is due to how I present my business and myself through the combinations of colors and materials of your gorgeous tapestries. They all are still as beautiful and colorful as the day I purchased them. Nothing faded or ripped and, believe me, I must have washed each one over 100 times. They are timeless and so precious to me. I love each one of them. The reason why I have so many is because you have such a wide variety of themes and colors that, whenever you update your website with new items, I can't help but wanting more. You are very professional and I appreciate your reliable service and quality. You're the best. Keep posting new arrivals and I will keep buying them from you. You're the best. Thank you so much.

Jack Monkey Catering, NY


You people are delightful.  Very efficient and I SO appreciate that!

D. P. from Shelton, WA



Hello, I must tell you how delighted I am with your exquisite products, customer service and selection. I moved to a loft in Downtown Los Angeles over 5 years ago and it's never felt quite like home...that is until I started adding the wonderful touches from your store. I have shopped online for years, searched throughout L.A. and only stumbled upon your site by accident. Now, anyone who visits my home is so enchanted and beg me for your address. They cannot believe I received such a beautiful quality from an online store. WE don't have stores like yours here in my little part of the world.even as diverse hipsters like to think it is. I wish you could open a real store front here on Los Angeles Street. THe bedspreads here make me shudder with horror. Please add me to any email blast, mail a flyer or call when you get new stock,or have things at a discounted rate etc. ok? Sorry this was so long, but I just finished hanging my door panels to another location in my loft, (thus need to order another pair, different pattern) and they are magnificent..

Thanks D. A.


Just wanted to say how impressed my wife and I are with our tapestry.  Great quality and it totally changed the look of our living room for the better.  Also impressed with how quickly it got to us.

 We will be ordering from you again in the future.
 Thank you very much!



The curtains and bedspread came yesterday, and I couldn't wait to wash them all and see how they looked all fluffy and I used a nice fabric softener from Stater Brothers that works well and doesn't have that awful smell :)  They all came out looking 10 times more lovely than I could have imagined.. I am very very pleased..  The curtains are the most rich color and look like some kind of very expensive tapestry..  we are putting up new curtain rods soon, and will hang them up!  I remember in my old hippie days, so many folks had Indian curtains and bedspreads, but yours are a vast improvement on the thin materials and washed out colors I remember..  If I ever need curtains or anything like this again, I will be sure and contact you, and hopefully I will remember all I learned about Gift Cards LOL  My husband is home from the hospital now, and is doing much much better.. and he was very happy with the nice colors and beautiful patterns.. I will certainly recommend you to anyone who comes in and admires the curtains..  Bill is a family counsellor, and all his clients come here to our home.  Thanks again so much for all your patience, and for offering such gorgeous quality for such reasonable prices..  I appreciate all of it.  



 Dear Full Moon Staff,

 I am a 56-year-old woman who associates Indian batik fabrics with my happy years in college. So many years later, I am a homeowner and a grandmother. After my dogs trashed yet another duvet cover, I thought back to those halcyon days in the 1970s, when my bed was always covered with a layer of Indian batik. That you offered a duvet cover to match my current sleep style, was almost too good to be true. I had looked online for an Indian bedspread a few years ago, but found nothing that fit my tastes.

 I am thrilled with the cover that I received from you last week. It fit my duvet perfectly, and its colors look fantastic in my room, no matter which side is up. Even my adolescent daughter and my immigrant housekeepers agree that it is quite attractive, so I need not worry that only vintage hippies such as myself can appreciate it.

 Thank you so much for making this merchandise available; it validates my tastes and, on some level, makes me feel younger. I hope that I can buy other products that you offer, because I know that l can trust your quality. Whenever I look at my bed, I smile.

 Thank you so much for fulfilling my every hope with regard to my bed cover! Feel free to use my letter as you see fit.

 Your happy customer,

 G. M. from Metairie, LA


I’ve just spent some time on your site and you have the most remarkable collection of fabric designs and colors. I’m going to post your website on my Facebook page. Your prices are amazing, too.

Thanks for offering a creative and unique alternative to normal, boring American bedding and fabric design!




Hello There,

My husband and I recently purchased 6 curtains (sunflower in lemon yellow) from you and I just wanted to let you know how pleased I am with them. It was terribly hard trying to find curtains that weren't boring or drabe and when we did come across them, they were very expensive. Your curtains are great, far from boring with awesome vibrant colors and in the perfect price range. Basically, they are just what we were looking for. I'll have to admit that they are a bit long so we had to do a little revamping but it was well worth it. I have one at the tailors because we need to split it for one window in particular, but as soon as we have them all up, I'll send some pictures. They really are beautiful.

Thanks again.

D. B.




I just received my order of the sunflower door panel in lemon yellow.  It is GORGEOUS!  The photo on the website does not do it justice at all!

This was my 4th item purchased from your website and everything I’ve ordered has been absolutely beautiful and of great quality.


K. T.



I just received the Sanganeer Tapestry Wall Hanging Peacock and wanted to say the product far exceeded my expectations. The colors are gorgeous, the quality of the fabric excellent, the pattern in fine detail. Your website pictures don't do your products justice, and I will be recommending you to my friends without question.

Thank you,



Hi Cynthia,

I just wanted to get back to you to tell you how much I love this duvet cover.  The quality is excellent, nice weight, not too thin, fabric is not rough to the touch (and I imagine will get softer with repeated washings).  The colors are vivid and the pattern is just lovely.  I washed it with the 1 cup salt and took it out of the drier right away and there were hardly any wrinkles.  In short, I’m very happy and wanted to let you  know.  



I just got my tapestries in the mail, and they are gorgeous!  The pictures on your website do not do them justice.  When looking at them on your website, they all looked very nice, but none of them looked "to die for."  When I opened the package they were just breathtaking.  Very beautiful and vibrant coloring.  I will definitely be ordering again.


C. R.


I ordered a table cloth from you and I am more than pleased. The colors are bright and sharp, the quality is superb! You have a new forever customer! Great shipping too!!
Thank You! Mel


Thank you so much for your prompt service. I have told my friends and family what a wonderful company you are.

Have a blessed day, Patsy