Jeweled Om Symbol Cushion Pillow Cover 16 x 16 Off White

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OM CUSHION COVER ~ This lovely jeweled Om cushion cover is made of 100% cotton. It measures 16 X 16 inches with a zipper enclosure and little cotton tassels on each corner. Color is a natural white, like a light beige. The symbol, often spelled Om, sounds like Aum and has slightly varying definitions, depending on whom you ask. Om is one of the most widely used mantras during meditation and/or yoga. Om comes at the beginning of most sacred writings in Indian Spirituality. As a mantra, it is pronounced aw (as in law), oo (as in zoo), mm. The first sound vibrates at the base of the spine, the first chakra. The second sound vibrates in the throat and chest chakras, and the third sound vibrates in the cranial chakras. According to those who practice chanting with Om, it may be safely used by anyone of any religion. It stands for the whole world, including past, present and future; therefore, one may interpret its sound as connecting all of us.

You will love the unique quality it will add to your home decor!