Dabu Indian Tapestry Cotton Bedspread 108" x 88" Full-Queen Blue

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DABU TAPESTRY ~ Outstanding Dabu tapestry in indigo blue. Made of 100% power-loom cotton offering a strong, tight, durable weave. Only kashish (mineral) or vegetable dyes are used in Dabu. Tapestry measures approximately 108 x 88 inches. Should be washed on cool/gentle and tumble dried before use to seal the dyes. The resist process called Dabu used here  involves using wax or gum clay mixed with resin. With the help of brush or block or by hand this is applied to the portions of the cloth and then the color is then applied to it. The wax is then washed off in hot or flowing water and the applied color moves into this area to give a diffused effect. This process is somewhat similar to the batik process. Now the block printing is done on the portion of the cloth where the original color is retained. The fabric is highlighted by printing specific outlines and patterns against the contrast color. Due to the use of wax the designs get a broken appearance like batik due to the leakage of color once the resist is washed off. Truly a work of art which can only be achieved by human hand, make this lovely tapestry a treasure to own. A lovely quality with endless versatility. Your Dabu tapestry can be used for:


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