Indigo Blue Dabu Wax Batik Scarf Light Cotton 20 x 20

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BATIK SCARF ~ Indigo blue dabu, authentic wax batik scarf made of 100% sheer cotton, light and soft. This gorgeous scarf measures approximately 20 inches x 20 inches. Batik is an age old method developed by the Indonesians. The word batik means "wax writing". The process involves brushing on melted paraffin or beeswax so it penetrates specific portions of the fabric. The waxed fabric is then dipped into or painted with wet dyes. The waxed areas repel the dyes, creating the desired designs. This ancient form of textile art has been remained ever popular through out the centuries. You will love the soft light feel of this authentic wax batik scarf. Perfect for hanky or head scarf for both men and women.

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