Batik Tapestries

Cotton tapestries, Indian spreads, bedspreads, batik wall hanging

A batik tapestry or spread is a work of art. It is that simple. This art form is older than you might imagine and it was developed by the Indonesians centuries ago. In simple terms, it is the art form that uses both wax and dyes to create wonderful images and designs. A batik wall tapestry or spread can be a very lengthy process. The reason is that this process can only be done by hand. No two are ever alike which makes your batik tapestry or spread very unique.

At Full Moon Loom we understand the effort and time that must be invested in a batik tapestry and we strive to find only the highest quality items to bring to you, our valued customer. We have a selection that includes something for everyone and something to fit every budget.

Your Batik Wall Tapestry or Spread can also be used as: 

  • Bedspreads
  • Furniture covers (great for pet lovers)
  • Tablecloths for large tables
  • Fancy window treatments
  • Beach or picnic blanket
  • Room divider
  • Cool dust cover for your Harley
  • Vehicle seat cover (also great for pet lovers)
  • Wall hangings
  • Making clothing with cultural expression
  • Unique and affordable gifts 

You will love the unique quality and colors of your batik wall tapestry or spread.

Our Batik Tapestries and Spreads are all:

     • Handcrafted by skilled artisans on 100% cotton.

     • Colorfast and machine washable for easy care.
     • Comes in several different sizes.
     • Extremely unique and versatile.
     • Very affordable.
     • Guaranteed by our customer satisfaction promise

We have several different batik tapestries and spreads to choose from. Some are of brilliant colors and dramatic backgrounds, while others are more subtle earth tones and calming. Regardless of your preference, this batik wall tapestry or spread is a joy to behold. Your guests will be envious when they see that you have one or two or more of these handsome batik wall tapestry or spread decorating your home or office.

If you have other needs, we can handle those as well. Our collection is truly wonderful and we have spent years to offer you the best selections and prices in the USA.


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