Given the name tapestry as they are a form of textile art. The addition of a uniquely crafted wall tapestry or spread into any home can bring joy and delight to the owners and their guests. These lovely tapestries and spreads are a wonder to behold and extremely versatile. And now you can enjoy one of these masterpieces in your own home or office.

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Full Moon Loom is your best retail store on the web if shopping for unique wall tapestry or Indian bedspreads. We offer the largest selection of cotton tapestry and Indian spreads in the USA. Our selection is unsurpassed in designs and colors and you are sure to find a lovely wall tapestry or Indian spread to suit your style and needs.

Did you know that you can use your wall tapestry or Indian spread in a number of ways?

Our Wall Tapestries and Spreads can be used for:

  • Bedspreads
  • Furniture covers (great for pet lovers)
  • Tablecloths for large tables
  • Fancy window treatments
  • Beach or picnic blanket
  • Room divider
  • Cool dust cover for your Harley
  • Vehicle seat cover (also great for pet lovers)
  • Wall hangings
  • Making clothing with cultural expression
  • Unique and affordable gifts

Aside from the common versatility in home decor our cotton tapestries and Indian bedspreads have been used to cover very expensive leather sofa's for high falooting spoiled pets. They have been used for music band backdrops and decor on movie sets. They have set the scene for art shows and brought warmth and uniqueness to tropical island get always. They have decorated the walls of Arabian tents and adorned the interiors of gypsy wagons.

We all want to have something that is different, something that makes our special place more special, something that stands out as our own unique self-expression. Our cotton wall tapestries and Indian bedspreads can offer all of this. Easy wash and wear care, unique, affordable and creatively versatile. What are your ideas? We would love to know!

If you need a wall tapestry or bedspread or just something to dress up a table or cover an old chair, we will have something you will love and can afford. Our wall tapestries and spreads are made of 100% cotton. They are screen printed, block printed, hand tie-dyed or hand batik. Their average approximate size is 7 feet by 9 feet. Many of our tapestries and spreads have matching curtains – door panels. If you want something that will stand up to high traffic, we have a great selection of heavyweight tapestries and spreads. Our heavyweight tapestries and spreads are twice as thick and durable to assure long-lasting wear for high traffic areas.

Many designs to choose from such as:

     • Celtic
     • Celestial
     • Metaphysical
     • Ethnic
     • Tie Dye
     • Batik
     • Block Print
     • Paisley
     • Bagru
     • Kalamkari
     • Sanganeer
     • Rajasthan
     • Dabu
     • Jaipur

All of our items are selected for their unique quality, color, and design. They are colorfast and can be machine washed and tumble dried for easy care.

Many of our clients love the fact that our tapestries and spreads are so versatile, unique, and affordable. In fact, many of them are surprised to find that they get such unique quality items for such a low price. No one wants to pay more than they have to for something, and we make it a point to keep our prices as low as we can in order for you to save and keep you coming back for more.


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