Celtic Cross Tapestries

Cotton Bedspread, Celtic Cross Tapestry, Celtic Spread, Celtic Wall Hang

Given the name tapestry as they are a form of textile art. For some people, there is nothing more beautiful than a Celtic cross tapestry or spread. These same people would happily tell you that there is no other adornment more spectacular than a well-crafted tapestry or spread to set a room apart and give it a certain distinction that no other decoration can compare with. 

It could be the reason for this intense loyalty is due to the ancient roots of the Celtic cross art form. For centuries, this particular design has been crafted and re-crafted by skilled people who simply love the symbolism it incorporates and the quiet, dignified design that it reveals when worked through the hands of a true craftsperson. 

The Celtic cross and its shape have been widely used by ancient cultures long before the arrival of Christianity. Its four arms were perfect for denoting the four elements, the four directions of the compass, and the four parts of mankind.... mind, body, heart, and soul. Some Celtic cross designs are encompassed by a circle. The addition of the circle around the cross has had many theories. An Irish legend tells how St. Patrick created the first Celtic cross by drawing a circle over a Latin cross to incorporate a pagan moon goddess symbol in hopes this would help guide Pagan worshippers to Christ. 

Not only will your Celtic cross tapestry or spread bring beauty and originality into your home decor but you will be able to tell your friends about the stories and legends of this wonderful Celtic cross symbol. 

At Full Moon Loom we appreciate the history and meaning of the Celtic cross as well as the beauty. Your Celtic cross tapestry or spread will be the focal point in any room.

Use your Celtic Cross Tapestry for: 

  • Bedspreads
  • Furniture covers (great for pet lovers)
  • Tablecloths for large tables
  • Fancy window treatments
  • Beach or picnic blanket
  • Room divider
  • Cool dust cover for your Harley
  • Vehicle seat cover (also great for pet lovers)
  • Wall hangings
  • Making clothing with cultural expression
  • Unique and affordable gifts 

We also understand that customers want to have some assurances when they buy that they are getting a good product for a good price. 

All of our fine products are: 

  • Backed by our customer satisfaction guarantee
  • Handcrafted by skilled artisans from 100% cotton
  • Machine washable for easy care.
  • Unique design and beautiful colors
  • Extremely versatile.
  • Very affordable. 

In addition to our fine unique quality, we also have an unsurpassed selection. We offer many different patterns in many different colors and in many different formats. By formats, we mean in addition to finding your perfect Celtic cross wall tapestry or spread you can also find curtains – door panels, table linens, duvet covers, cushion covers, scarves, tote bags, and CLOTHING! In fact, there is very little that you cannot find or do with our unique textile products. 

We also offer a free report on the power of color which you may find interesting. In it we discuss the various colors and how they may affect you physically and metaphysically. It is a fascinating report and we encourage you to look at it when you have time. Finding your true colors has never been easier.

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