Tote Bags and Duffles

Tote Bags, Hand Bag, Hobo, Duffle, Shoulder Bag, TotesOur Tote Bags and Duffles are made of heavy weight 100% cotton. A wide range of styles and colors our tote bags and duffles can be used for just about anything you need to stick in a bag. Use them for gym bag, book bag, baby bag, flea marketing bag, produce picking bag, beach bag, yard sale bag, lunch bag, fight or flight bag, over night bag, ditty bag, old bitty bag or even a bag for bags! 

Our Tote Bags and Duffles are unique and wonderful! They are made of 100% Cotton. Each tote bag and duffle is individually handcrafted by third world artisans and selectively chosen for their quality, color, and designs. Medium to heavy weight fabric tough enough to carry books. They vary in measurement from style to style. The specifics of each tote bag can be viewed in the item description while shopping. They are extremely versatile and affordable offering many uses. The unique designs and beautiful colors will lift your spirit and soothe your soul. They are wonderful, affordable gifts too! 

Our Tote Bags and Duffels can be used for: 

  • Books
  • Gym
  • Beach
  • Baby
  • Overnight
  • Eco shoppers
  • School
  • Unique affordable gift 


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