Wall Hangings

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What did decorators all over the world do for wall decorations before photographs and framed paintings? Wall hangings were the original wall adornments, and Full Moon Loom has an assortment of wall hangings which will make any wall come to life and express the unique person that you are. 

Our wall hangings are made of  either 100% cotton or 100% rayon offering easy wash and wear care. They come in a variety of styles and sizes to include hand block print, screen print, tie-dye, and batik. 

Wall hangings add a unique look to any room adding that artistic flair not usually found in modern North American homes. They are created by artisans throughout India, frequently through a very tedious and lengthy process. 

So many eras of history have seen wall hangings, from the times of people living in castles and huts and through every era and century since then. A cotton wall hanging can offer versatility and promise in all of your home décor needs. 

Above all, wall hangings are art in its simplest form and can be admired as a single piece of art, or as part of the theme of a room or an entire home. The intricate patterns and beautiful colors will bring a presence to your home that will delight and enchant you. 

At Full Moon Loom you will find an unsurpassed selection of wall hangings that are both unique and affordable. As with every Full Moon Loom item, only the best are selected for our many valued customers.


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