Persian Filigree Block Print Cotton Tablecloth 90" x 60" Coral

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TABLECLOTH-RECTANGLE ~ Outstanding Persian Filigree Block Print tablecloth. Measures approximately 60 X 90 inches and made of 100% quality cotton. They can be machine washed separately on cool/gentle and tumble dried. Hand Block Printing on textiles refers to the technique by which carved wooden blocks covered with dye are repeatedly pressed along a length of cloth to create a repeated pattern. What makes this technique unique is the fact that the design has to be first carved onto the wooden block by hand, and then executed on the fabric. The block printed textiles of India became famous in the 16th and 17th centuries in Europe when the East India Company began to export them in bulk. The block prints are mostly executed on a white or off white background, using screen printers or wooden blocks. They are usually colorful floral patterns and known for their fine and intricate detailing. The block print designs created centuries ago remain ever popular through out many cultures around the world today. Lovely flowing design will add a unique class to any drab decor. Great quality with endless versatility. Your Persian Filigree Block Print tablecloth can be used for:


Hard to find table linens for unique minded people~:-)