Cotton Batik Scarf Hanky Head Band 42 x 42 Pink

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HANDCRAFTED BATIK SCARF ~ Made of 100% soft, light cotton and measures approximately 42 x 42 inches. Colorfast and can machine washed and tumble dried. Batik is an age old method developed by the Indonesians. The word batik means "wax writing". The process involves brushing on melted paraffin or beeswax so it penetrates specific portions of the fabric. The waxed fabric is then dipped into or painted with wet dyes. The waxed areas repel the dyes, creating the desired designs. Each time a new dye color is introduced on the fabric, portions of that color are waxed and held until the desired color scheme is achieved. In completion all wax is removed by ironing the fabric between paper which absorbs the wax from the fabric leaving a mixture of color and design. Great head or neck scarf for both men and women. Every accessory drawer should have at least one.

Batik is always unique...........:-)