Block Printed Cotton Quilted Dabu Accessory Bag 8 x 6

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Cotton Quilted Accessory Bag ~ This quality quilted handcrafted accessory bag is hand block printed in Dabu style. It is made of 100% quilted cotton and measures 8 inches wide by 6 inches tall. It is round in shape and has a zipper enclosure. Background color is brick red with beige and burgundy accenting colors in a primitive paisley pattern. It can be machine washed separately on cool and tumble dried on gentle. The block printed pattern was created using a technique by which hand carved wooden blocks are dipped into dye and repeatedly hand pressed along a length of cloth to create a repeated pattern. It is the oldest and slowest form of textile printing known to man. This bag is very sturdy and built to last. You will love the quality and the versatility this handcrafted accessory bag has to offer. Use your quilted accessory bag for....

~Jewelry, Makeup, Travel, Accessories~

Durable & versatile!