Authentic Batik Cotton Quilted Clutch Bag 9 x 7

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Cotton Quilted Clutch Bag ~ This quality quilted handcrafted clutch bag is authentic batik. It is made of 100% quilted cotton and measures 9 inches wide by 7 inches tall. It has a 3" gusset and a zipper enclosure. Background color is medium blue and navy with touches of gold, red and white accenting colors in a primitive paisley pattern. It can be machine washed separately on cool and tumble dried on gentle. Batik is an age old method dating back to very early AD. It is the art of creating design using the application of wax and dyes. It is a very timely process that can only be done by hand. Any irregularities are common characteristics associated to the art of wax painting. No two are ever alike as each piece is truly a work of art. This bag is very sturdy and built to last. You will love the quality and the versatility this handcrafted clutch bag has to offer. Use your quilted clutch bag for....

~Jewelry, Makeup, Travel, Accessories~

Durable & versatile!