Wall Hangings Decoration Ideas

Wall Hangings Decoration Ideas

Indian textiles offer a rich and colorful array of decorating options to elevate the mood and appeal of any room.  Among their many other uses, these fabrics make for exceptional wall hangings, whether as a mere accent piece or as the central motif.

Here are a few ideas for using these amazing fabrics as an inspiring and transformative wall decoration.

Headboard / Bed Canopy

Choose a colorful Batik, Rajasthan, or Bagru to attach to the ceiling and wall over and behind your bed to make a striking headboard and or bed canopy.  Installation can be accomplished easily with a few ceiling hooks and dowel rods.  Here is another example, courtesy of Pinterest.

Starched fabric wall treatment

Choose a rich Paisley or Jaipur as a complete wall covering.  The experts at HGTV have a handy tutorial for this installation.  This is an old “Army wife trick”, useful because it is a great decorating option for those who are renting and/or do not expect to stay in the home for long.  It is also a great trick for decorating your walls seasonally!  Using fabric as opposed to wallpaper offers ease of installation and can be peeled off with no mess on your hands when you’re ready to leave or simply to change up your motif.

Art on canvas

Following in the spirit of starched fabric wall treatments, a favorite fabric or assortment of fabrics can be stretched over blank canvases and arranged on the wall as art pieces.  Creation of these pieces can be accomplished in a variety of ways.  One way is to adapt the process from the wall covering idea presented above.  Once again, with thanks to Pinterest, we can see some amazing examples of this idea here and here.


Probably the most obvious decorating idea is to use a fabric piece as a simple wall hanging, as with a tapestry.  Traditionally, a tapestry is a thicker woven piece intended to be displayed in this way.  However, just about any ornamental fabric can be adapted to this use, whether it’s a lightweight rug, a blanket, throw, or spread, or just a piece of un-purposed fabric that is fabulously colorful and or ornamental.  Some examples can be seen here, here, and here.

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